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Margaret Weis, Don Perrin, and Chris Pierson 05/17/00
Margaret Weis - Thanks for inviting me!
Xoanon - you are very welcome :)
Xoanon - Nonsense asks: When is your next book coming out?
Margaret Weis - The next book is Well of Darkness, the first novel in the Sovereign Stone trilogy and it will be out September 2000.
Xoanon - rylet asks: will the next book in the 'War of the Souls' series be unleashed by GenCon?
Margaret Weis - No. Dragons of a Lost Star is due out April 2001.
Xoanon - Phungus asks: There is a gep between Bothers in arms and start of the chronicles, are there any plans to bridge that at all?
Margaret Weis - Yes, I plan to write a third book, but not until after both War of Souls and Sovereign Stone are finished.
Margaret Weis - For you draconian fans, Don and I have a new Kang book coming out. Draconian Measures. Due out in October.
Xoanon - TheBursar asks: Will a dragonlance trilogy of films ever be considered in the near future?
Margaret Weis - We'd love to see a movie made, but nothing so far. We keep hoping!:)
Xoanon - Lord_Sagan wants to know why you like to collaberate with other authors so often
Margaret Weis - My lord, I enjoy collaboration because it's fun to work with Don and Tracy.
Margaret Weis - I can get a character into a deadly situation and they have to get him out!:)
Xoanon - Tycho asks: Would you ever consider going back to the lands in the Deathgate Cycle and telling future stories there?
Margaret Weis - No, seven books in that series was enough.
Xoanon - Gandalf asks: What character are you most proud of? and what character mostly reflects you?
Margaret Weis - I love all the characters in the Star of the Guardian series. Maigrey is the person I'd like to be.
Margaret Weis - I am proud of how Raistlin turned out.
Xoanon - GreyKage asks: What would you consider to be the best book you've written, and why?
Margaret Weis - I think Robot Blues is the best book I've written. It had a great plot and wonderful characters and just really came together the way I wanted it to.
Margaret Weis - But that's like asking a mother which of her kids is her favorite!
Margaret Weis - I'd like to introduce my husband and co-author, Don Perrin.
DPerrin - Hi!
Xoanon - Welcome
DPerrin - Thanks for having Margaret and I tonight!
Xoanon - you can both anwer these questions at free will :)
DPerrin - I'm sure you'd rather have Frodo and Samwise, but they said they were busy tonight.
Xoanon - Groke asks: Are there any further plans for Mag Force 7/Star of the Guardians?
DPerrin - We'd love to do more Mag Force 7 books. But we're looking for a new publisher.
DPerrin - Margaret's got some cool ideas.
DPerrin - Sagan and Maigrey in hell, perhaps.
Xoanon - Taran: How would you describe the relationship of your work to the work of JRRT in general? Where did he influence you?
Margaret Weis - I read JRRT in the 60s when the books were first popular in the US.
DPerrin - He is the father of the whole genre, so all gratitude to him!
Margaret Weis - I think he influenced me by his ability to make a fantasy world real.
DPerrin - He made it so that we could imagine in worlds with orks, elves and dwarves.
DPerrin - I think the whole epic fantasy quest novel points to him, or at least in my view.
Xoanon - Mormegil asks: (concerning the Lord of the Rings films) if you could change anything about the films so far, plot changes, editing what would it be?
Margaret Weis - I credit Homer with the epic quest story.:)
Margaret Weis - Not having seen it, I can't say!
DPerrin - Well, Homer is busy with the Simpsons, so we have to defer to JRRT.
DPerrin - I'd say that the movie (from the spoilers, et al) looks awesome!
DPerrin - Don't think I'd change anything without seeing the whole vision on film.
Xoanon - Althea asks: any chance we'll be seeing Raislin in WOS?
Margaret Weis - Can't answer that. Top secret. Sorry.:)
DPerrin - Which can be inferred as ..... :)
Xoanon - ah ha, but this is a site where we reveal secrets :)
DPerrin - Shouldn't that be "half-human," just to be fair?
Margaret Weis - I think Wizards might be upset if I did. Not to mention Tracy!
Xoanon - :)
Margaret Weis - Hi, Chris!
Xoanon - Rylet asks: Do you enjoy role-playing or writing more?
Margaret Weis - Fellow Dragonlance author Chris Pierson.
Jincey - welcome chris :)
CPierson - Hi, all.
DPerrin - I like writing RPGs, but novels is where my serious future lies.
Margaret Weis - I enjoy writing. It's not a job, it's my life. But I have fun role-playing, especially our new Sovereign Stone RPG.
Xoanon - TheBursar asks: Do you think at some point you will collaborate with Mr. Hickman and Mr. Perrin?
DPerrin - No, I'd never work with the likes of THEM!!
CPierson - Never. Scoundrels, the lot of them.
Xoanon - lol
DPerrin - Margaret's doing the YMCA arm-movements while chatting. Very bizarre.
Xoanon - GreyKage asks: What advice would you give to an aspiring writer?
Margaret Weis - Keep reading. Keep writing. Keep your day job.
Xoanon - Taran asks: Is there any author of Fantasy/Sci Fi genre who has developed his/her own style independent from Tolkien?
DPerrin - To get published, you need an agent. To get an agent, you need to be published. To break the cycle, try magazine stories and articles.
DPerrin - Yes, but we refuse to tell you who.
Margaret Weis - Yes, I think all of them have!
Xoanon - To get published, you need an agent. To get an agent, you need to be published. To break the cycle, try magazine stories and articles.
Margaret Weis - I think most astute readers could figure out what happened next.:)
Xoanon - WebDruid asks: What fantasy authors do you enjoy reading now and why?
DPerrin - I like George RR Martin. He's made a heck of a world in Game of Thrones. Also, Glen Cook with the Black Company is excellent.
Margaret Weis - I don't read fantasy. I need to hear my own voice in my head.
CPierson - I'm a Guy Gavriel Kay zealot. He captures setting and complex characters incredibly well.
DPerrin - He's a Canadian, and we all know about Canadians!
CPierson - ;)
Xoanon - ahem
DPerrin - Okay, I'm a Canadian, too.
Xoanon - we don't eat whale blubber
Xoanon - Sara_D: Does Ms. Weis plan on writing anymore DL short stories in the near future?
DPerrin - you don't?
Xoanon - not since new years
Margaret Weis - Yes, Don and I are currently working on a Kang short story for Dragon magazine.
DPerrin - me neither (at least since New Years.)
Xoanon - Ulmo asks: What Tolkien creation has most influenced your own writing?
Margaret Weis - Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit.
DPerrin - To me, it was the Hobbit. Such a simple story to create such a universe. Truly extraordinary.
Xoanon - Anglachel asks: Tolkien drew alot from mythologies, do you ever look back to those texts for ideas and themes?
Margaret Weis - I look to all books I read for ideas and themes. You don't have to read only mythology.
Margaret Weis - I read Dickens, Austen, Doyle, Dumas, Chaim Potok, Mary Renault. To name just a few.
DPerrin - No, I look back to Tolkien. He did all his homework :) Actually, I think you have to, at least a little.
Margaret Weis - I write about the human experience and that crosses all borders as far as genres are concerned.
DPerrin - prochaine
Xoanon - Perceval asks: Do you find inspiration in music? if so, what music?
Margaret Weis - I love classical music and opera (big influence in Star of the Guardians) and I like blues and jazz and rock and roll pre 1980.
DPerrin - Yes. I came up with a whole wonderful sci/fi story listening to "Paper Moon" by Def Leppard, but when I thought about it, it turned out to be Battlestar Galactica
DPerrin - oooops.
Xoanon - Tookish asks: As authors, what are your most favorite things about writing, and what are your least? what challenges do you find the most daunting?
DPerrin - Different from Margaret, I like having been a writer far more than writing. Still, it all comes in one package.
Margaret Weis - I enjoy writing. I write every day--holidays included. My favorite part is when I've written a scene
DPerrin - To me, the discipline of writing is hard, and something I have to work on.
Margaret Weis - and I know that I nailed it. That I said exactly what I wanted. That's the best.
Margaret Weis - The worst is when the book is going wrong and I know it's going wrong and I can't figure out why.
Xoanon - Calisuri asks: If one of your books was to be made into a major motion picture, how involved would you like to be with the actual process of filmmaking. would you like to be on set? Directing?
Xoanon - and a big rassie to cali for the longest question yet :P
Margaret Weis - I'd like to be involved in the writing. I wouldn't be much good at directing! That's another art form entirely.
DPerrin - I'd like to be a consultant, but not mess with the Director's vision. Film is very different from novels, so I don't want to mess in a world I'm not familiar with.
Margaret Weis - You know, it's hard to type with a cat laying across your forearms.
DPerrin - Oh, and I'd like to be in on the money collecting.
Xoanon - I'll direct it then:)
Margaret Weis - Sounds good to me!
DPerrin - Me too!
Xoanon - Rylet asks: was is hard to get a writing job with TSR?
Margaret Weis - If you're interested in writing for TSR, go to the Wizards of the Coast website. They have guidelines there.
Margaret Weis - You need to follow the guidelines.
DPerrin - I cheated. I got to know the insiders at TSR before I wrote a piece for publication. Many times, it's best to meet them at cons before attempting to solicit work.
Margaret Weis - You can also start by writing articles for the magazines like Dragon and Dungeon.
DPerrin - The magazines are the best way to get known at TSR as a writer.
Margaret Weis - They usually hold seminars at Gen Con for aspiring writers.
CPierson - I found an open call for stuff on alt.fan.dragonlance, and got in that way.
Xoanon - The Bursar asks: Will we see Fizban again any time soon?
Margaret Weis - Can't answer that! Secret! You no tell!
DPerrin - Hey! There's a Tycho in the room tonight!
Xoanon - IceWolf asks: When both you and Don work together, how do you divide the work between you?
DPerrin - I write all the vowels.
Margaret Weis - Don does the military bits!:)
DPerrin - Margaret writes from one voice, and I provide scenes to drop in. We hate it when you can tell where one started and one left off.
Xoanon - Tycho asks: What is your opinion when your fantasy worlds are compared positivly or negativly to Middle-earth?
Margaret Weis - Well, if it's positive, I think it's great! If it's negative, I don't mind.
DPerrin - It's quite an honor to be compared at all! Still, we do get to learn from Tolkien and avoid some of his pitfalls.
DPerrin - That's not to say that we don't make many of our own :)
DPerrin - Our RPG (Sovereign Stone) is described as "Tolkienesque" but no one agrees on what that means!
Xoanon - Berendir asks: Who is the genius who created Tas Burrfoot? And why is everyone so mean to him when he has saved all their lives a dozen times each?
Margaret Weis - Roger Moore, former editor of Dragon magazine, was the first to write a short story involving Tasslehoff. Roger came up with his character.
DPerrin - Because he's a KENDER!!
CPierson - It's fun being mean to a kender
DPerrin - true enough
Xoanon - Mormengil asks: Have any of you read The Silmarillion? do you think it could make a good film?
Margaret Weis - No, I haven't read it. I started it, but I didn't like it. Wasn't the same.
CPierson - I've read it, and it would have to be about 10 films.
DPerrin - I did, and no, I think it would be aweful. Too broad a scope, and covering too much material.
Xoanon - Perceval asks: How many pages do you manage to write in a day? Do you have any 'conditions' to work?
Margaret Weis - Sometimes if the writing's going well, I do lots of pages. Or if it's a difficult scene, I may only write two or three.
DPerrin - I can do a maximum of 2500 words in a day, I find.
Margaret Weis - I work in the mornings from 8:00 to 11:00 at my computer which is in my office in a loft in our barn.
CPierson - I once did 8000 in a day. Nearly killed me, though. :)
CPierson - Words, not pages.
Margaret Weis - We live in a converted barn. I don't type with cows.:)
DPerrin - I have to beat myself into not avoiding the work, and finding any excuse not to. Once I've started, thjough, it goes very well.
Xoanon - Silverst asks: Do you plan to stop writing for Dragonlance in the near future? (God forbid!)
Margaret Weis - We have to finish War of Souls. Then we'll see what comes next. What happens with Third Edition will be a big factor.
DPerrin - Yes, I plan it all the time. I never do, though. My plans never succeed.
Margaret Weis - Also we're interested in working with Sovereign Stone. It's a great world.
CPierson - Heh. Our editor's very persuasive about pulling us back in. :)
DPerrin - 3rd Ed of Dungeons and Dragons, that is.
Xoanon - TE00 asks: Does religion (or spirituality) play a role in your writing?
DPerrin - Yes, but not in an overt way. I don't like to put my views into my characters, unless appropriate. They have to stand on their own.
Margaret Weis - Yes, I enjoy working with spirituality. It's part of the human experience.
CPierson - I'm not a particularly spiritual person, but my new trilogy about the Kingpriest (plug plug) requires a bit of religious thinking. Not necessarily my beliefs, though.
Xoanon - Berendir: You mentioned you have learned to avoid some of Tolkien's pitfalls, what are they?
DPerrin - Our orks don't sing!
Xoanon - ah, but can they dance?
CPierson - That's Nelvana, Don, not Tolkien. More blasted Canadians.
DPerrin - Oh well. Silly Canadians.
Xoanon - Althea: Any plans to do an annotated edition of the Legends Trilogy?
Margaret Weis - Yes, we plan to do an Annotated Legends, but not until after War of Souls is completed.
Xoanon - we will be chatting for another 5 minutes, and if our good guests want to stay on, I'll open up the floor and un moderate the room
DPerrin - We can't stay, I'm afraid.
Margaret Weis - But we'd love to come back!
Margaret Weis - And if anyone has a question, they can write to me at mweis@mag7.com.
Margaret Weis - You can find information about Sovereign Stone at www.sovstone.com
DPerrin - I can be reached at dperrin@mag7.com.
Xoanon - well, we'll arrange another chat down the road! :)
DPerrin - That would be fun!
Xoanon - one more question?
Margaret Weis - Sure!
DPerrin - Fire!
Xoanon - Tastes great or less filling?
Margaret Weis - Tastes great!
Xoanon - Alright! woo hoo!
DPerrin - Well, obviously Less Filling.
CPierson - Tastes Filling!
DPerrin - Geeeez. How obvious!
Xoanon - lol, it's a thing we ask all the guests :)
DPerrin - Less Great!


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