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Platus Productions LIVE Chat 9-10pm 7/21/99

<Wynn> Hey everyone..

<Wynn> Glad to see your all here.

<Wynn> As Corvar stated I will be answering your questions the best possible way I can..

<Wynn> so lets begin.

<Xoanon> the ring asks: is the game going to be more RPG or ADVENTURE?

<Wynn> RPG.. were focussing on a basic system that balances the two out. This could change in the future.

<Wynn> As always we take your comments to mind.. and any suggestions should be made on our future forum (coming soon ;)

<Xoanon> Finqolfin asks: how far along is the game?

<Wynn> We've started on development, and were still gathering information and basic character design's.

<Wynn> Again, this is where you all come in.. we want to make the game for the players.. and have it challenging to all.. even those who have read the works of Tolkien.

<Xoanon> Dave asks: How are the film scenes being incorporated?

<Wynn> Were not related with the film.. to tell you the truth this game will be released before the film...

<Wynn> But we are trying to keep the game somewhat realistic to the Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit.

<Wynn> Which could also include movie related scene's.

<Xoanon> Gryph asks: Will many character's be 'playable'?

<Wynn> Yes, infact basicall all the main character's you see in the book will be 'playable' maybe more..

<Wynn> er basically ;)

<Wynn> With the challenge of adding things to the game, we may make some added characters playable. Of coarse were not trying to improve Tolkiens works.. but again, make it harder for people who have read the books time and time over.

<Xoanon> The Ring asks: Will the game use full motion video?

<Wynn> We haven't decided if it will, yet.

<Xoanon> Finqol asks: will you be accepting BETA testers?

<Wynn> Not currently.. though at a later stage of development we will open a sign-up form for those who wish to be in the beta. Note that not all people will be able to be in the beta.

<Xoanon> DanS asks: Can you give us some background on the game

<Wynn> Basically the entire game is based on JRR Tolkiens books.. so the storyplot is the same. We are actually creating the Hobbit now.. and will be starting the LoTR farely soon.

<Wynn> The whole game system is RPG based, with qualitys from the FF series.. if I may add, we are trying our best to keep it somewhat different then other RPG Systems.

<Wynn> I'm sorry about the lack of background information.. once we have our site up you will find alot more information there. I'm only holding back since a good lot of the information I know could be changed in the future.

<Xoanon> Cynewulf asks: when is the release date?

<Wynn> I'm not entitled to give-out that information at this current stage in development.

<Wynn> But basically farely before the Film comes out.. so you get an idea of a basic release date.

<Xoanon> yog asks: will LOTR and the Hobbit be one game or two?

<Wynn> It will go under one name.. "The Trilogy" but they are two seperate games.. in one package.

<Xoanon> Elizabeth asks: Are there any known artists working on the game?

<Wynn> Staff information is slim.. I apologize again. But were still narrowing out the slivers from the smooth wooden board.. you may find a fimiliar artist or too in our staff though.

<Wynn> That is to be determined.

<Wynn> since money is rare/

<Xoanon> Sargon asks: Will we need 3d cards to play?

<Wynn> No, Graphic Quality isn't exactly what were aiming for.. if you think were making a game like FF8 then you'll be disapointed.. were focussing on the gameplay right now.

<Xoanon> Gryph asks: What about multi-player options?

<Wynn> Were considering making a port version of the game.. where you would be able to play multiplayer. Unfortunetely, we are only making a 1 player game at this stage, since the cost of server's to host a multi-player based game is quite a good expense.

<Wynn> This is still to be determined.

<Xoanon> DanS asks: How many people on your team?

<Wynn> Well Sierra has what 15? and there working on a multiplayer 3d online game.. so basically our team is 10.. maybe 11 by tommorow.

<Wynn> Small but were all hard workers ;) lol.

<Xoanon> Balin asks: Can you give us some specs? computerwise?

<Wynn> were using programming and a combination of unitilty's.

<Xoanon> apintrix asks: What about the music for the games?

<Wynn> And we haven't decided on what program were using to make the music.. sorry, lack of information again ;)

<Xoanon> Ugluck asks: Who is your distributor?

<Wynn> Still again haven't decided.. any recomdations would be welcomed ;)

<Wynn> Were taking precautions in doing different things.. the actual hobbit game is free.. were deciding on making the Lord of the Rings game multiplayer and distributing it throughout the country.

<Xoanon> Gildor asks: will the game be an action RPG or a turn-based combat game?

<Wynn> Turn-based combat system (atleast for the beginning 1 player game)

<Wynn> We found the action based system didn't fit exactly into the world were creating.

<Wynn> That may be changed in the future though.

<Xoanon> Strider asks: Will the game be translated to other laguages?

<Wynn> After the initial english release we will consider that. It wouldn't be too hard, and it is a likely possibility.

<Xoanon> will the fellowship be able to travell anywhere in the game?

<Xoanon> that is from ARAGORN

<Wynn> No.. they will not. Were trying to keep the game on the storyline.. why would Frodo set off to the Grey Havens from the beginning of the game in Hobbiton?

<Xoanon> 1 more for fun!

<Wynn> Alright.. lol, go for it.

<Xoanon> Will the game have sidequests like TPM?

<Wynn> Yes, that's part of the challenge were providing to the players who have read the Lord of the Rings or the Hobbit - Side Quests..

<Wynn> You could spend hours in one area doing side quests.

<Wynn> You never know ;)

<Xoanon> thank you all for joining in on our first chat! I hope to see you all again soon!!!

<Xoanon> in the meantime stay...have fun..and chat together!!

<Corvar> Thank you all and sorry for any power problems and hold ups

<Wynn> Right well Thanks for coming everyone


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