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Tom Mayo from SFX magazine LIVE Chat 2-3pm 8/25/99

<Xoanon> to ask Tom a Question type /msg Xoanon

<Xoanon> and I will hand it over

<Xoanon> alright? here is Tom

<Xoanon> here he is

<Xoanon> tom say hi

<Xoanon> they cannot talk but you may

<Tom> Righty-ho... Hello everyone.

<Xoanon> send ion you Questions now if you'd like

<Xoanon> to send a question simply type /msg Xoanon

<Xoanon> and the question

<Xoanon> Mia asks: Do you know anything that hasn't been published?

<Tom> You mean about my interview, or what?

<Xoanon> Mia: about the film

<Tom> Well, when I spoke to Billy (name drop or what?) he knew less than I did...

<Tom> Film companies are notoriously secretive.

<Tom> Sorry...

<Xoanon> Do you know anything about casting?

<Tom> That all depends what you know. I keep up with all the major news sites every morning.

<Tom> We have spoken to a couple of agents, but again they don't like to say anything.

<Tom> Aren't I just the font of knowledge...

<Xoanon> Balin asks: how does Billy Boyd feel about the time investment?

<Tom> Well, of course it's a long time, on the other side of the world

<Tom> but he is such a fan of fantasy films and Tolkien that he really didn't think twice

<Tom> I get the feeling he'd walk through fire for this part.

<Xoanon> Pagan asks: What is your personal interest in LOTR?

<Tom> Personally, even though I work for an SF mag, I prefer fantasy, RPGs and so on.

<Tom> Although I have a shameful confession...

<Tom> I have never actually read the trilogy.

<Xoanon> Tom just got hit on the head with Gandalf's staff, he'll be back in 3 seconds

<Tom> I feel terrible...

<Xoanon> what happened?

<Tom> I have no idea... It just disconnected me...

<Xoanon> ok well are you ready to continue?

<Tom> Eventually I restarted my comp = Yes, please continue.

<Tom> My deepest, most humble apologies everyone.

<Xoanon> Balin asks: Do you think Billy is perfect for Pippin?

<Xoanon> everyone send in those questions again! I erased them all!

<Tom> Well, he does have a strong Scottish accent

<Tom> But I'm not sure what he's going to do about that.

<Tom> He's certainly got the enthusiasm

<Xoanon> Pype asks: Does Billy know anyone in the Stage that would make a good Merry?

<Tom> Hm... I'm not sure.

<Tom> It seems as though there's a rather strange mix of Hollywood big hitters

<Tom> and little known talent (like Billy)

<Tom> so anything's possible - although I don't know whether or not Billy could persuade Peter to hire a mate.

<Tom> He didn't mention anyone to me, anyway.

<Xoanon> JC asks: Does Billy check out the websites for news?

<Tom> *LOL* Actually, he said for me to thank all the web people for their LoR fan pages

<Tom> Because he said it means he doesn't have to do any research!

<Tom> He's finished his play now, and trying to relax, so I'm sure he'll be surfing the web quite a bit.

<Xoanon> elfstone asks: Do you have any 'gut; feeling about the film? good or bad?

<Tom> Gut feeling? It is going to be the biggest, best fantasy film ever.

<Tom> It's going to open everybody's eyes to a much maligned genre.

<Tom> It could do marvellous things. I hope.

<Xoanon> Pagan asks: How did Billy get the part?

<Tom> That's a great question (he stalled...)

<Tom> Um, we didn't cover that in the interview, but I would assume Peter or a colleague

<Tom> saw him in a film

<Tom> Sorry I can't be more specific.

<Tom> I'll ask him when I go up to Edinburgh, which is pretty soon.

<Xoanon> Desvon asks: What's the most recent casting rumor you've heard?

<Tom> Ooh... Christopher Lee as Saruman. But that was off the net.

<Tom> We don't have much info coming in on LoR apart from sites like Cinescape

<Tom> and of course the mighty fine TheOneRing.net

<Xoanon> :)

<Tom> 8^)

<Xoanon> will Pippin have an scottish accent?

<Xoanon> i didn't pay him to say that either...

<Tom> Another good question.

<Tom> Billy is, I'm sure, capable enough of putting on any accent desired

<Tom> but I think it might be interesting if he kept the Scottish accent

<Tom> Worked OK for Sean Connery...

<Tom> But then I can't see Elijah Wood and Sean Astin tryin on a Scots brogue.

<Xoanon> Pagan asks: When is Billy expected to fly down to NZ?

<Tom> Very soon now.

<Tom> I'd say a matter of a couple of weeks.

<Tom> I'm going to try and catch him before that, and pump him for info. 8^)

<Xoanon> Mia asks: due to the fact that SFX is a sci fi mag, will you cover LOTR alot? or only a little bit?

<Tom> Well, although we are called 'SFX' (not SEX...) the genres of SF/fantasy/horror are relatively small

<Tom> so we get to cover most stuff

<Tom> And since LoR film is such a massive event

<Tom> we'll be covering it as much as we can, I'm sure.

<Tom> In the new issue (just arrived in our office)

<Tom> My Billy Boyd interview is the lead news story.

<Tom> Everyone should buy, ooh, ten copies each, just to make sure...

<Xoanon> In the UK is interest in the films high?

<Xoanon> :) ten copies....

<Tom> *innocent look*

<Tom> Yes, interest is high, but you have to remember the vast majority of the public don't necessarily know about it

<Tom> When the film is finished and the advertising starts, people will go comletely insane over it, I reckon

<Tom> JRR is, after all, a British institution...

<Xoanon> Will Billy change his look any for the role?

<Tom> Well that depends on what people think of as 'his look'.

<Tom> I suppose any actor must, by definition, be flexible that way.

<Tom> I'll be honest, I've never seen him in anything, so I just go by the phone conversations we've had -

<Tom> A really nice, friendly, genuine guy

<Tom> Although of course he'll be shrunk down...

<Xoanon> Where can we pick up SFX? at Barnes and Noble?

<Xoanon> only a few more questions please

<Tom> We don't even have those over here...

<Xoanon> a bookstore company

<Tom> We're trying really hard to 'break' America...

<Tom> but it's hard when so few shops stock us.

<Xoanon> give us some free copies, we'll spread them around...lol

<Tom> We have a website where you can subscribe, though

<Tom> www.sfx.co.uk

<Tom> I recommend you check it out.

<Tom> Well, you know I could send you a few, no prob...

<Xoanon> JC asks: How would you feel if you'd have to wait six months to see LOTR like Star Wars?

<Tom> Don;t know 'bout the rest of you guys though...

<Xoanon> lol

<Tom> Well Star Wars was a big let down for me...

<Xoanon> only 2 more questions, thanks

<Tom> So I'd hope that LoR would live up to expectations.

<Tom> Baically - try and think of other stuff!

<Xoanon> Xoanon (hehe) asks: what do you think of the casting so far?

<Tom> I think it's spot on.

<Tom> No offence, but I do cringe slightly when I think of elves/hobbits with LA accents... I dunno why...

<Tom> I just can't wait 'til we find out the rest of it...

<Xoanon> Have you spoken with anyone else recently?

<Xoanon> that's the last question, thanks

<Tom> Well, personally, only Billy. The American actors are hard to get hold of

<Tom> mostly because of the time-zone thing.

<Tom> As soon as Ian McKellan is officially announced (we're sure he will be)

<Tom> We'll get an interview with him, too. Should be good.

<Xoanon> he practically is...

<Xoanon> Will you come back to chat with us again Tom?

<Tom> Of course, mate! In fact, I may have some more exciting news later...

<Tom> We're going to ask Billy to do a diary for us...

<Tom> Hopefully (nothings certain yet) he'll report to SFX, probably once shooting is over, with lots of news, gossip etc...

<Xoanon> sounds amazing!

<Tom> Fingers crossed.

<Xoanon> ok Tom thanks for stoping by!

<Tom> He seems keen enough, but we have to get through the official film people as well...

<Tom> No prob.

<Xoanon> you were a great chat guest

<Tom> Sorry about the hitch.

<Xoanon> no problem, I'll be taking the gag off and you all can say thanks

<Tom> I hope everyone enjoyed it (and will buy 100 copies of SFX each)


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