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Smeagol88 Of Platus Productions 9/10/99
Xoanon the chat starts now
Xoanon :)
Xoanon we will have 'opn mic' this time around
Xoanon so please be patient and courtious
Xoanon and let Smeagol88 answer a Q at a time
Xoanon ok
Xoanon you can start now
jincey - hi smeagol! how is the game coming along??
Smeagol88 lol, it's coming along nicely, now that the page is up we're getting alot of help as well
Smeagol88 I've finally contacted Tolkien Enterprises as well
Smeagol88 I've just contacted them, we shall see what happens
Tookish - are things moving along as expected on your timeline?
Gandalf - hi Wynn
Wynn - 'ello everyone
Smeagol88 things are not exactly moving along as expected, afterall I didn't expect such following of people who want to help
Smeagol88 but it's still progressing
Tookish - lol, people pouring out of the woodwork onto you?
Smeagol88Something like that
Smeagol88 BTW, Wynn is the lead designer for those who don't know
Gandalf - what are some of the game features?
Wynn - okay I got this one..
Wynn - Game features include a unique battle system, similiar to that of Baldur's gate, all the old characters and some new ones..
Wynn - Detailed area graphics..
Wynn - hmm what else?
Mongvar - Will it really be freeware?
Wynn - yup.
Wynn - A large magic system..
Wynn - and lots of items and different things like that ;)
PowerLeca - what kind of graphics will the game have, are you trying to make them look realistic or sort of like a cartoon?
Smeagol88 We are trying to make them as realistic as possible, but it will haves some cartoon elements
Karlos - how big is the map?
Wynn - quite large, though your not going to be spending days crossing the entire storyline.. or actually.. maybe you will.. depends really.
Mongvar - Is it based in what book? LotR or The Hobbit?
Wynn - Both books.
Kili - Will there be movie cut scenes i.e like when you come across a village or get attacked?
Smeagol88 You will play as the main characters of the story, but all characters in the fellowship in the book will be on your "team"
Mongvar - Does it have anything to do with the movie?
Wynn - Nope nothing
Gandalf - do you start the game as bilbo, then later after the ring has been found, progress the rest as frodo?
Smeagol88 exactly
Wynn - Yes it's like re-reading the 'Trilogy' and the Hobbit.
Wynn - ;)
Gandalf - what type of enemies will you have?
Wynn - those listed by Tolkien
Wynn - Maybe more.
Gandalf - will you have to fight the nazgul from time to time
Gandalf - or will you feature mostly orcs?
Smeagol88 alot of the standard, such as nazgul, spiders, orcs, etc
Gandalf - how are weapons found
Gandalf - do you buy them or do you find them?
Wynn - Both.
Smeagol88 as in most RPGs
Gandalf - when in battle how many people come into combat?
Gandalf - can you see the whole fellowship?
Wynn - er.. well that's depending..
Smeagol88 at the present time it will be 5, but that can change
Mongvar - Will we control Gollum or it will be an 'auto' character?
Wynn - auto.
Xoanon Shaolin asks: what point of view will the game have?
Smeagol88 If you mean the players point of view, you will play as the main character
Smeagol88 through their eyes
Smeagol88 though when the fellowship splits that will change
Xoanon Gandalf Asks: will there be an onscreen menu? and if so what will it look like?
Smeagol88 There will be a status screen with options similar to that of Final Fantasy 3
Smeagol88 options such as items, magic, stats, battle team, etc
Xoanon Jincey Asks: Will you be able to add new characters?
Smeagol88 Yes, you will gain characters throughout the game, some from the "fellowship", and possible others
Smeagol88 like smeagol, my personal fav =)
Xoanon Took asks: Will you able to choose who you want to go with when the Fellowship breaks?
Smeagol88 You will be able to choose in what order you play through that part, but eventually you'll go through each of the groups situations
Xoanon Fangorn asks: what about multiplayer - do we pick a character?
Smeagol88 So far there are no plans for multiplayer options, but once The Trilogy is finished, there is always a chance
Xoanon pypesmoke asks: Has the movie forced you to change a few details of your game?
Smeagol88 Good question =)
Smeagol88 It really hasn't changed my original plans, but the movies have given the game a lot of publicity
Xoanon Mongvar asks: What are the minimum system requirements for the game?
Smeagol88 Those have yet to be determined with our beta testing, the minimum will possibly be around a 486, but my guess would be that it would go REALLY slow
Xoanon Fangorn asks: Do the results of say, Helms deep effect Frodo and Sam?
Xoanon PowerLeca asks: how easy will it be to die?
Smeagol88 I can be easy to die, mostly through plot situations, so save often =)
Xoanon Gandalf asks: What type of magic will be used?
Smeagol88 Trying to keep with Tolkien's work, you will use magic sparingly
Smeagol88 it will only be possessed by Gandalf and possibly Radagast (if he makes it)
Xoanon Mongvar asks: After characters Die, can they come back to life?
Smeagol88 No, I think it would be kind of cheesy if you bring people back to life with a "revive" item or something
Smeagol88 people will be knocked unconcious first though, and it will be possible to help them
Xoanon Estel Asks: Can you change the plot outcome? Can Boromir not die?
Smeagol88 Big events such as Boromir's death can not be avoided, as I said, I want to keep with the books, but other smaller variables can be changed
Xoanon Jincey Asks: Are you devoting all your time to this?
Smeagol88 I'm devoting a lot of my time to this game, but other responsibilities tend to always get in the way
Smeagol88 a life outside of the internet for example =)
Xoanon Gandalf: will we be able to see the scouring of the shire?
Smeagol88 Definitely, I'm hoping to make it interactive as well
Xoanon Took asks: How long will an 'average' game take from start to finish?
Smeagol88 the average time is not confirmed, but was with any RPG, it will take a good amount of time
Xoanon Mong asks: Will you be using music?
Smeagol88 Yes, at the present we have 2 musicians.
Smeagol88 MIDI music will be utilize mostly to decrease download time as well
Xoanon Xoanon asks: (Im allowed dammit!) What type of music?
Smeagol88 We are focusing on Medieval music, i think it gives a Middle Earth feeling
Xoanon Jincey asks: Have you seen any media coverage so far?
Smeagol88 lol, most people avoid us because of the fact that we are not a huge company like Sierra, but possibly once the license negotiations settle, then we can think about that
Xoanon Mongvar asks: Do you have any contact with Interplay?
Smeagol88 Nope, I have tried, but with no success. I did enjoy their Tolkien games very much though
Xoanon Gandalf asks: Will there be any puzzles? If so what type?
Smeagol88 Yes, there will be numerous puzzles. My aim is to let the player choose to play through the storyline or have some fun and go off solving puzzles and gaining extra "bonuses" from time to time
Smeagol88 many of the puzzles will be similiar to that of the King's Quest series, if that helps
Xoanon Took Asks: Can you play with people online?
Smeagol88 No plans for online play are in the works, but after The Trilogy is made there might be
Xoanon there will be an open mic session to follow
Smeagol88 alright! fun stuff!
Gandalf - thanks smeagol for the answers!!
Xoanon Thanks all!
Gandalf - sounds like a great game


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