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Gillian Flynn of Entertainment Weekly! 10/6/99

<Gillian>to ask a question type /msg Gillian

flux asks: do you use theonering.net as a resource?

<Gillian>I certainly do

<Gillian>theonering.net has info before I do!

<Gillian>I think that I check it all the time

<Gillian>I find that fan sites can often be useful for info

<Gillian>certanly I like to check the fansites, it's a great source to find out what a wide group of people are thinking about

<Gillian>concerning different projects

flux asks: What do you do at Entertainment Weekly?

<Gillian>until recently I was a writer for the internet section

<Gillian>and have just moved over to the movies section

Palatir asks: will EW ever be able to down to the set?

<Gillian>I'm sure we will

<Gillian>nothing scheduled

<Gillian>but it is 18 month long shoot

<Gillian>we are keeping an eye on it

<Gillian>it's just a matter of when

pippin asks: do you think LOTR will be as commercial as Star Wars?

<Gillian>I think New Line is heading in that direction

<Gillian>they already have the tie in on the site

<Gillian>where you can buy a copy of the books

<Gillian>they are saving everything from the set to auction on their site

<Gillian>after the movies are done

<Gillian>it has the same type of appeal as star wars

<Gillian>as far as action figures and callanders

<Gillian>with enough characters that girls and boys will like

<Gillian>and alot will depent on how well the first movie does

Thorongil asks: there has not been alot of press yet, do you think that will change?

<Gillian>I think it will change

<Gillian>I think once the picture is done filming

<Gillian>that it's the type of project that the media really likes following

<Gillian>it's a big budget pic

<Gillian>the next big great sci fi epic

<Gillian>it's got this great Tolkien fan base already built-in

<Gillian>I think it'll be the subject of boxc office speculation

<Gillian>there is already alot of discussion and theroizing as to if PJ can pull this off

<Gillian>I think the media is intruigued by a studio giving to much money

<Gillian>to a newbie director

<Gillian>and his only big budget pic was a 'flop'

<Gillian>(the Frighters)

Randamus: do you have any scoops that we do not know yet?

<Gillian>I'll take a pass on that (laughs)

Frode asks: how will the relatively low key casting effect the publicity?

<Gillian>good question

<Gillian>I've been interested from way back

<Gillian>PJ said he was going to cast unknows

<Gillian>and he still has cast unknowns

<Gillian>it has pros and cons

<Gillian>pro: easier to follow an unknown star in these pics

<Gillian>con: makes more difficult to market for non Tolkien fans

<Gillian>one big casting name would help enourmously

<Gillian>right now, it's this big fantasy ensemble movie with no stars

<Gillian>it'll be hard for an outside audience to get into it

Flux asks: what do you feel about the big(er)names?

<Gillian>elijah wood is casting perfection!

<Gillian>most of them have been surprizing

<Gillian>for the most part, Liv will give a nice air of credibility

<Gillian>most people think of her as a critical darling, and like her

Bard asks: Have you spoken with any of the cast or crew so far?

<Gillian>I have not spoken with anyone so far

<Gillian>there is a PR hush about the place

Palatir asks: now that everything is set to go, do you think they could replace PJ?


<Gillian>I cannot imagine that that would happen

<Gillian>no not at all

Earsul asks: what part of the film are you looking foreward to?

<Gillian>um oh boy


<Gillian>that's a good question....

<Gillian>(laughs) I'm daydreaming now

<Gillian>let me think

<Gillian>I think, I really Really want to see what they do with the Nazgul

<Gillian>it would be frodo arriving at Rivendell

<Gillian>yeah, I like those

TSDCroack asks: will this be a childrens film like SW episode 1?

<Gillian>I think it'll be darker

<Gillian>judging on PJ's past work

<Gillian>I hope it is dark

<Gillian>there is a creat dark undercurrent in LOTR

<Gillian>and you can see what PJ can do with 'Heavenly creatures'

<Gillian>since he has so much control over this film

<Gillian>I do not think it'll be dark

<Gillian>scratch that

<Gillian>it'll be dark

<Gillian>and not light

pippin asks: what do you think of Ian McKellen as Gandalf?

<Gillian>I think it's really good casting

<Gillian>he's great for the part

<Gillian>he's in touch with the material

<Gillian>he can bring alot to the role

<Gillian>I was pleased to hear about him, considering that Ian wasn't a big name

<Gillian>New Line could have used a name actor to get Sean Connery

<Gillian>Ian will be great in the role

Flux asks: will LOTR beat Star Wars?

<Gillian>(laughs) ooo

<Gillian>that's a toughie

<Gillian>that's something that can be hard to guess until the filming starts

<Gillian>it has the possibility to be a huge huge franchise

<Gillian>it depents on the first film

<Gillian>if FOTR isn't GIGANTIC the other two will die

<Gillian>but it has the same appeal as Star Wars does

<Gillian>with the buz that New Line is generating, so far in advance

<Gillian>I think it certainly has the popential, with the CG effects

<Gillian>that will attract the Martix crowd

<Gillian>and with it's great story

<Gillian>if the first one is good it'll have some great momentum

Frode asks: with the lack of a grand finale in part 1, will that hurt the film?


<Gillian>you know I don't think so

<Gillian>I think that if the film maintains a good momentum, and there is an understanding that this is only the first of 3

<Gillian>there should be no problem

<Gillian>and if he plays it right

<Gillian>it could be an asset

<Gillian>where you are geared up for the second one

Beren asks: which book can best be mande into a movie?

<Gillian>I think FOTR will have the easiest time

<Gillian>it has a real clean storyline

<Gillian>I don't think anyone has a clear advantage over the others

Flux asks: what other films are you looking foreward to?

<Gillian>as far as 'lately'?

<Gillian>I cannot wait for Sleepy Hollow

<Gillian>same as LOTR, it has an interesting director

pypesmoke asks: what do you think of the expanded role of Arwen?

<Gillian>I think it's a smart move, it depends on how much they chnage the story

<Gillian>I'd hate to see the story changed too much to beef up the woman's roles

<Gillian>I tend to be a purists, I would like to keep the story

<Gillian>I don't want someone to say 'lets beef up female roles'

<Xoanon>Gillian now wants to ask YOU some questions

<Xoanon>First off I want to thank Gillian for sticking around her office to do this chat

<Berendir>Ask away me lady.

<Xoanon>and I will be opening the mic for you to answer her questions!

<Xoanon>go ahead

<PypeSmoke>is this thing on?

<darthcleo>ah ah...

<Olegas>*takes a deep breath* the gag has been removed!

<Elfmaid>yes thank you for answering questions

<Tookish>fire away xo!


<PypeSmoke>yea, thanks

<thorongil>thank you


<Tookish>Hullo Vella!


<randamus>shoot with the Q's Xo

<Xoanon>her first question is: If you do see the first one, and you don't like it, will you see the other two?

* darthcleo is all ready to answer

<PypeSmoke>hi Vella


<PypeSmoke>of course!

<Olegas>Of course


<thorongil>most definitley


<randamus>of course

<Elfmaid>I might give it a chance

<darthcleo>Depends on how bad the first one turns out to be

<Narie>yes, for the sake of it


<Xoanon>explain a little more guys


<Berendir>I'll see the first one 5 times to make sure i don't like it, then I'll see the others

<Berendir>and heres why

<Elfmaid>depends how bad it is

<Narie>and because maybe he redeems himself in the next two

<randamus>we're too rabid not too

<flux>I'm going to watch all 3 movies...

<PypeSmoke>I'll be seeing all three regardless, even a bad movie of LOTR has to be kinda good, just because it's LOTR

<flux>I don't care how bad or good they are :)

<Berendir>I've read the books abotu 5 times so far, and I'm determined to like this trilogy! Much like the Star wars fans are to like their trilogy.

<PypeSmoke>and it's got McKellen, Holm, and Lee, so it's impossible for it to be 100% bad.


<Elfmaid>true, I think about the animated one and realise that I do

<darthcleo>I would wait for reviews on films #2 and #3 to see whether it's changed or not

<Tookish>i will need to see all three films, if for no other reason than to see how 'bad' they are if so

<Olegas>We'll be like moths to a light, we won't be able to help it

<flux>I love the books, so I'm really curious about the movies... a must-see


<darthcleo> Berendir >have you beat. Read it 13 times

<Berendir>Well I'm only 16!

<Berendir>cut me some slack

<cannes>if the first one is bad I might boycott the rest

<Randalf_The_Pink>It cannot be as bad as the Phantom menace

<jincey>lol berendir!

<Berendir>I'll put my reading comprehension of the trilogy up against yours any day, but thats for another time my friend

<darthcleo>all 13 times were done by the time I was 16 !

<Narie>I've read it more than that, and I'm younger

<Randalf_The_Pink>I'm betting that LOTR will Rock!

<Olegas>I can't imagine it being so utterly horrible that I couldn't sit through the next one

<flux>randalf: true...

<flux>but Star Wars had Natalie Portman...


<Xoanon>4 How true would you like the movie, if it's not pure will you not enjoy the film?

<Berendir>yah well I read all the other books including the silmarillion 3 times!

* Berendir grins

<PypeSmoke>Randalf: hey now, The Phantom Menace ruled, I'd be ecstatic if LOTR is half as good

<Tookish>i will want to see all of pj's vision, even if i don't like some of it

<cannes>we know it wont be bad. but will it be a blockbuster? very risky

<Tookish>yes, as long as it's not too meddled with

<Berendir>Depends Gillian, I will enjoy the film probobly no matter what, but on different levels.

* PypeSmoke is off to play some Half-Life

<darthcleo>as long as there is one good fight sequence, I'll probably see it often.. very often

<Olegas>nod, as long as it isn't utterly dicombobulated

<Narie>I don't wanna see Mighty Arwen running around half naked, nor any (important) characters removed

<Randalf_The_Pink>Oh, please... I suppose you liked Jar Jar Stinks too

<thorongil>I would like to see it pure, but to attract nonTolkienites, I am willing to let it stray a little

<jincey>hey kamiken! welcome back!, glad you could make it tonight!

<flux>It doesn't have to be pure. If the movie is good, and not true I might be a little bit annoyed...

<randamus>every director takes a few liberties, hopefully PJ will remembere the fans aren't gonna go for anything really off the wall

<Tookish>some tweaking is inevitable, but if jackson sticks to his 'word' then this should not be too big of an issue....he has prepared us for alterations

<Berendir>If its done exactly as i picture it will be incredible and the best movie I could imagine. However it won't be done exactly as i want it to be. However I'm sure even if it was done differently then the books it will still be entertaining

<cannes>I hope the costume design is good



<Xoanon>4 What is your most favorite/least favorie casting choices so far?

<cannes>gimli is great


<Olegas>I'm willing to give it some slack. If it's not a complete replica of the book, well, that's okay. We still have the book.

<Tookish>(loaded question)

<randamus>Uma if it turns out to be true

<Narie>Least, Liv, by far, never really liked her

<Berendir>Well I still maintain one small chunk of the rock in Deep impact should have hit Elijah in the head at the end. If not only because he left his motor cycle unguarded and it wasn't stolen.

<Tookish>i'm fine with the casting decisions and put my faith in PJ!!

<cannes>christopher lee might be typecast

<thorongil>Wood is perfect and so is Ian, least not sure

<Berendir>however he's not a bad choice, and Ian Mekellen was a great was.

<flux>I like most of the cast... mostly Holm, Lee, Sir Ian, ...

<Berendir>Sean Bean is a wonderful choice as well, he's a great actor.

<flux>Liv could be a failure :)

<Olegas>they'll all do well I'm sure

<Randalf_The_Pink>The only casting I'm unhappy with is Sean Astin as Sam Gamgee

<Berendir>no no, Liv is a better actress then she's given credit for.

<Randalf_The_Pink>It's a complete disaster as far as I'm concerned!

* darthcleo is barely emerging from SW overhype and hasn't paid attention (yet) to LotR casting, sorry

<Olegas>yeah, armageddon spoiled her image for some reason

<Berendir>Sean Astin was great as Rudy

<flux>Sean Astin is great!

<Berendir>I say he'll be a great Sam.

<flux>He kicked ass in goonies... :)

<Randalf_The_Pink>He'll stink

<Berendir>why will he stink?

<Berendir>what reasons?

<thorongil>I like astin

<Randalf_The_Pink>they should have cast someone in English in that role

<Berendir>I've never seen him not act a roll any less then steller.

<Xoanon>ok folks Gillian is leaving, say night night

<flux>aaaaaaaaahhhhhh noooooooooo :)

<Berendir> Good Night Gillian!

<thorongil>night night

<Berendir>You've been great.

<Narie>night night!!

<cannes>I dont think it will approach the Starwars stratosphere

<flux>good night lady gillian :)

<Tookish>good night and thank you gillian!


<Randalf_The_Pink>Becuase he's a consistently mediocre actor

<Berendir>especially having to put up with the lot of us.

* Tookish bows

<randamus>later Gillian


<flux>thanks a lot

<jincey>thank you for coming!

<Olegas>g'night sweet gillian, may a flight of angels sing thee to thy rest

* Narie bows to all, and plays around with the lightsaber

<Randalf_The_Pink>We want spoilers... Goodnight

<Narie>to show my appreciation, of course

<Berendir>Smaug came in a minute too late

<flux>lol :)

* Berendir pats Smaug on the back

<Smaug>i forgot all about it

* Smaug shrugs

<cannes>save us the aisle seats

* Berendir grins at Smaug

<Berendir>you'll see the log I'm sure

<Xoanon>she's gone


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