6-15-03 Latest News

Yet Another Perl Hacker Required!
Arathorn @ 8:13 pm EST

The technical side of TORn is built on mod_perl. This ranges from mod_perl subs being invoked from SSI templates to fullblown Apache::Registry applications and mod_perl handlers. Whilst parts of the site are also implemented in PHP (Reviews, Line Parties), we believe that well-written mod_perl should be just as maintainable and accessible as PHP - and certainly more powerful and consistent with the overall architecture of the site.

Unfortunately, we are running low on manpower. We have many exciting new site sections which we want to get running before RoTK arrives. Unfortunately, the current team simply doesn't have enough free time to do them all. So, if you're a perl hacker who's been hooked on TORn and you have time this summer to take on some of these projects and contribute back, we'd love to hear from you. In return, your work would be seen and appreciated by the hundreds of thousands of viewers that come to TORn every day - showcased on one of the largest and most exciting fan-run websites ever at the climax of its success.

The ideal skills we are looking for are:

If you're still reading and interested, then we'd love to hear from you as soon as possible. Please mail an introduction, CV/Resumé + anything else you think might be relevant to me at arathorn@theonering.net.